The Great House

History of the great house:

It had been the dream of Arrowmen in Tamegonit Lodge for a great many years to construct a building on the Camp Naish property that would serve as the central point of OA activities, both at Lodge events and throughout the summer camp season.

In 1989, at the Winter Banquet, plans were presented to the membership of Tamegonit Lodge for just such a building. Preparations had been made over several years, and the architectural plans were in place at that time. The excitement at the possibility of having a building was tremendous during the 50th Anniversary year. Ground-breaking festivities were held at Fall Fellowship in 1989. However, much procurement of necessary materials and skilled manpower was still needed. Through the efforts of the lodge, and our very committed Arrowmen, that need was met.

The name "Great House" was chosen, because the Delaware Indians referred to their meeting houses with this term. The construction of the Tamegonit Lodge Great House replicates actual Delaware Great Houses in its size and roof pitch. The Great House is truly something to see. The interior features many beautiful paintings, Indian relics, and a complete lodge patch and pin collection. The Great House also houses an office that serves as an area for the Lodge Ceremonial and Dance Teams to prepare for their performances as well as a convenient location for storage of their materials. Many meetings of the lodge are held in the Great House.

During both summer camp and Lodge events, the Great House is the center of OA activities as many Arrowmen can be found there carrying out the work of the Lodge or just enjoy