Get Involved


He alone is worthy to wear the Arrow who will continue faithfully to serve his fellow man. The Order of the Arrow is only as strong as each individual Arrowmen chooses to make it in their lives. Becoming a member of this great and honored Order is synonymous with the development of many new and exciting opportunities for you. Youth and adults alike are always in need. GET INVOLVED! Identify the need... feel that need. Meet the Challenge of the Order, remembering always that the ones who chose you, need you, and that you were so chosen not on the merits of what you have accomplished, but rather for what is expected of you in the future as an Arrowmen.

UNIT: Go camping with your Troop every month. Share camping and outdoor skills with Troop members. Attend Summer Camp with your unit or be on Camp Staff. Suggest new outdoor programs. Act as OA Troop Representative. Take on leadership roles in the unit. Be a living example of the Scout Oath and Law.

CHAPTER: Unit Elections Camp Promotions Service Projects Volunteer and take on leadership roles such as a Chapter Officer or Committee Member. Attend and participate in Chapter meetings, events and programs. Suggest new ways your Chapter can help units or assist the District. Help staff and plan Chapter/District events, such as Day Camp and Camporees.

LODGE: Attend all Lodge events and help where needed. Serve as an Elangomat, Runner, Nimat, or Drummer. Join the Dance Team and/or Ceremonial Team. Attend monthly LEC Meetings. Earn as many Coup Thong awards as possible. Take part in Lodge Leadership Training Seminar. Eventually take on lodge leadership roles, such as Lodge Officers or Committee Positions.

SECTION, REGION & NATIONAL: Attend the annual C5B Section Conclave. Volunteer to work with Section Planning Committee. Attend a Section meeting. Take part in the National Leadership Training Seminar. Participate in the National Order of the Arrow Conference or other National event as scheduled.

The Administration Team is responsible for managing the registration, check-in, and attendance at all Lodge events. This Committee is also responsible for all Lodge databases and tracking THRIVE goals. This Committee includes the Membership, event Registration, Training, and brotherhood Conversion chairman, all lead by the Vice Chief of Administration.

The Inductions Committee is responsible for facilitating all of our Lodge Inductions at Naish, Bartle, and Rotary Camp. The Inductions Committee encompasses the Elangomats, Nimats, Runners, Logistics, and Induction Trainings, all lead by the Vice Chief of Inductions .

The Program Committee is tasked with planning and executing all non-Induction events such as Fall Fellowship, Winter Banquet, NOAC, and Section Conclave. This Committee also involves the OA High Adventure Program, Chapel, and Parking Chairman, all lead by the Vice Chief of Program.

Our Lodge is structured around 14 distinct geographical Chapters that align with our Council's Districts. Each Chapter is lead by a Chapter Chief and Chapter Advisor. The Chapter Chiefs are lead by the Vice Chief of Chapters.

Lodge Newsletters, Social Media, App and Promotions are the responsibilities of the Lodge Secretary Committee. Lead by the Lodge Secretary, this Committee consists of the Social Media, Alumni Relations, Lodge App, and the Newsletter Chair.

The Treasury Committee is responsible for keeping track of the Lodge financial statements, tracking and establishing the annual budget, and fulfilling all fundraising goals of the Lodge. This Committee is lead by the Lodge Treasurer.