Vigil Honor Recommendation

Vigil HOnor Nomination Process

Nominations must be RECEIVED at the Heart of America Council Service Center by July 1. Nominations must be made on this form only. The nominee must be a registered member of the Heart of America Council, BSA and must also be a current dues-paying member of Tamegonit Lodge. The nominee must have been a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow for a minimum of two years before being considered for selection as a Vigil Honor member. Nominations submitted between now and July 1, 2019, will be considered in the 2019 Vigil Honor Selection cycle.

Each year, the Lodge is responsible for publishing a list of individuals that are eligible to be nominated for the Vigil Honor. The purpose of this list is to aid you in identifying a Lodge member that, based on our records, are eligible for nomination to Vigil Honor. Please keep in mind that we have been working for the past four years to try to clean-up our records. We have made great strides in providing more accurate information, but we also acknowledge that we have a lot of work left to do! Please help us ensure the accuracy of this list as well as our membership database by submitting dues in a timely manner, providing Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil dates where applicable when updating membership data each year and politely notifying us if there are inaccuracies in this list or any of our membership information. Remember, the youth of our Lodge are doing this work while supported by capable adult volunteer advisers and this will be a great learning experience for our youth leaders; help it be a positive learning experience for them!